Right or Wrong, who cares?

I feel sort of aggressive. Don't really know how to handle this feeling right now. It's something I don't like to feel. It hunts me and eats away all nice cosy lovely feelings. As I sit here -grumpy and bitchy- not knowing how to turn it into a much nicer feeling... I know it does not help me or anybody to grow. But there is that feeling of treated unjustly and the strong feeling to put the "wrong" in a "right" position again.

To deal with it is something important. Because it's a daily challenge and I can turn it into better feeling by simply be with it. Sometimes it's easier than other times. Mostly I find a way out by looking within me and ask myself what is the next step? It can be by observing, dancing, writing, biting in a cushion, shouting out loud.... After calming down, I'm letting the other person know (honestly) that it feels not right to me without wrong or right, just it feels not right to me. And then I feel as if my inner dragon gets relaxed again.