My first hand-made shoes

I used Piñatex from Ananas Anam a fibre made by pineapple leafes as well as recycled eco tanned leather. Sometimes I combine new with old to produce less waste. So in my work it is possible that vegan meets not vegan material to close the waste cycle and recycle what already exists.

When I got started to make these shoes I was so incredibly happy and full of passion. I want it to make each step by my own and took it very precise. After the second day which was very stressful, because we had to get on to be finished at the fourth day. I realized that for many years I want it to make shoes, even produce shoes and be a shoe designer. All of the sudden I just new, I love to make some shoes for myself, but I don't want to produce shoes for others. I just felt it so strongly, that this is not my way to go. It released me from a long dream I had. And I understood, that by doing things I always want it to make I can feel where to go further and not to stay stuck with a lot of questions without answers.

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