Playing games

I learned something these days which helped me to grow once more. I played a board game with some acquaitances. As we played, I became insecure and moody, because I didn't understand the rules as quickly as the others. In the middle of the game I began to make insulting comments about myself, which made me sad and I froze up. After a while I felt the need to open up and allow myself some space. I felt there was the need to be hohnest and protecting me from that part within me which learned to be hard on me, to get to the goal. Gogogo! So, there I was, sitting infront of the others showing my feelings, open to say whatever was going on. Even though it was a strange situation and it costed me quite an effort to take the space, my emotion changed and became positiv. I could feel how my self-confidence came back and I felt even stronger rooted then before. I am thankfull for the chance to practice loving myself and being attentive.